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Beru- female - 9 years

Hello, my name is Beru. I came from New York City and was brought to the Pat Brody Shelter when I was seven years old. I wasn't in great condition when I came, but everyone here at the shelter took great care of me and I even was adopted out once - the home didn't work out for me as I didn't get along with their other pets, but I didn't mind coming back to the shelter here. I get along with all the cats here and I'm a good friend to all the volunteers. Unfortunately, my health has declined so I am no longer up for adoption. The volunteers still take great care of me, and I show my appreciation through my very sweet, friendly nature - I've also got one of the best purrs!


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Chia - female - 10 months


Hi there, I am Chia. Shortly after arriving here it was determined thatI am FeLV+ (positive for feline leukemia) and that her mother Kalb, although coming up negative on the blood test for FeLV, was likely a carrier of feline leukemia. Feline Leukemia is a retrovirus, similar to AIDS in humans, that is species specific- meaning it cannot be transferred to humans and other non-feline animals. It is important that we go to a home with no other kitties, current or incoming, as FeLV is contagious to other cats through bodily fluids. Many people think FeLV cats are sick and dying and have no quality of life but the reality is that felines who are positive for the virus can remain healthy for months or years after their diagnosis. Some cats can live to be 10 to 15 years old if they are diagnosed as an adult. Unfortunately the virus can be harder on kittens than adults as most kittens succumb to the disease before their second birthday. Even though the virus can be harsh on kittens, this does not mean their lives are without worth. Whatever length their life ends up being, their time can be joy-filled. With an FeLV+ kitty additional veterinary care may be required since the virus weakens a cat's immune system, making them more susceptible to illnesses. The donation fee that is being asked for us is solely to cover the cost of our spay surgeries done while at the shelter. If you are looking to open your home and heart up to give two wonderful kitties a good, fulfilled life then look no further- we're the gals for you! ... Below is some more information about FeLV+ kitties:



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Chantelle - female - 11 years

I came from a local home together with 12 other cats.  The owner tried to take care of us all but was very much overwhelmed with the situation.  I was not socialized and very shy and was therefore kept in a cage at the shelter office.  Unfortunately I escaped one night and "disappeared" into the ceiling that was open due to construction. I enjoyed hiding inside the walls and somehow found my way into the kitchen cabinets where I still like to sleep at night up to this day.  Finally, after playing hide & seek for weeks, I started trusting the shelter personnel in the office.  I've been their mascot ever since and entertain them quite a bit.  Sometimes I wonder if my name is Chantelle or "that crazy cat".  I'm not available for adoption but it would be greatly appreciated if you could sponsor me to cover my medical needs.  Thank you!

 **Chantelle is not available for adoption.**
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