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I'm looking for YOU to come and take me home!

We have a tremendous selection of cats and kittens of all shapes, sizes and breeds.  You are certain to find the kitty who is purrfect for you at the shelter.  

 All of our cats/kittens are fixed, microchipped, tested for FeLV/FIV, wormed, and treated with Advantage so that our shelter remains flea free, receive rabies and distemper shots and are treated for ear mites, if necessary.

If you have an interest in adopting from our shelter then please read our Adoption Policies.  If you agree with the policies, click here to fill out our online adoption form to get the process started.

We always respond first to the people who fill out the online adoption form. The comment section on the form is the place to put your individual questions and any specific preferences.

Adoption Prices are as follows:
*Donation prices for our cats range from $200.00 - $400.00 depending on the age, health, breed and disposition of the cat.
Special breeds and exotics can range from $375.00-$400

Once we receive your adoption form, our procedure is to confirm your references and contact you by e-mail and telephone message   with shelter directions and adoption hours.

**Due to the coronavirus, we are currently closed to the public and are not open for adoption hours. Confirmed applicants will either receive an email or a phone call to schedule an appointment.

With the overwhelming amount of applications it will take time for our staff to process and respond to requests. We ask that you be patient with us as we work as fast as we can.**

Where do shelter cats come from
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Kittens must be adopted in pairs


The web site does not give out exact directions to the shelter, just an area map.  When we set up our adoption time with you, we will email you specific directions to the shelter.

Featured Cats:

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Fund Raising, Donations and Sponsorships
We're making it easier for you to help out the shelter by allowing you to now make online donations.  We have been using PayPal for many years and they are secure and safe.  If your company has a matching gifts program, please take advantage of it to increase any donation you make to the shelter.  We qualify as a registered non-profit organization.  This is one way to make your gift go twice as far.

PBS is a registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Our Federal ID number is 22-3117579

Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards ProgramBuy a Pet Door and we can get a donation!
HALE Pet Doors Rescue Rewards Program:  customers who let them know that they adopted a pet and saved a life receive 10 percent off the cost of their pet door order.  You are asked which rescue group or shelter you would like to receive a donation from us for that same 10 percent amount. Download the Rescue Rewards Coupon HERE or click on their logo to go directly to their website.

 Cat of the Month!!

September 2022


Once upon a time, I had a home. Unfortunately for me, my owner died and I was left outside to fend for myself for 3 long years. Itís pretty scary when youíre not used to being outside, but I was able to hide really well. During all that time, my fur never got brushed and I had mats that looked like pinecones. Lucky for me, some kind people knew I was out there somewhere and would leave food for me so I wouldnít starve. Finally, I was trapped by a nice lady who tried to bring me in her home but her cat didnít like me (probably because I looked a little weird at the time). I was brought to the shelter and I couldnít even curl up because my mats were in the way. Once I was shaved, for the first time in years, I was able to get a good nightís sleep. I hated being in a cage and wouldnít eat. The volunteers thought they were going to lose me but theyíre pretty savvy and figured out that if I became the kitchen cat, I might blossom and eat once I was out of a cage. They were right, Iím now eating, even get verbal if my food gets low. Iím gaining weight and my fur is growing back. Believe it or not, Iíll even greet adopters when they come to the shelter so Iím like the Welcome Committee. You can even hold me if you want. Since Iím an older girl, Iím looking for a quiet home as an only cat on a foster to adopt basis. That means you take me home for a few weeks, and if Iím happy and eating and being affectionate, then you can officially adopt me. Just make sure that you love me (thatís the goal). Not a bad plan if you ask me. It only takes one purrson to give me another chance in life. I sure hope youíre reading my story and are THE ONE for me and vice versa.

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We have created a Wal-Mart Registry for Good

You can purchase items for the shelter and have them shipped right to us.


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  • The CATMOBILE: 978-465-1940

  • Clinton Veterinary Hospital: 978 368 9047

The Catmobile package is $80.00 for a male neuter, $100 for a female spay. The package includes EXAM, SPAY/NEUTER, FLEA TREATMENT and RABIES VACCINE. 

Clinton Veterinary Hospital costs:  $70 Neuter, $90 Spay,  $15 Rabies and $20 Distemper.

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Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs

Book a veterinary appointment with Vetary and give back to a pet shelter in need!

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