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Can't Adopt? Fostering Could Be the Purrfect Solution!

We need foster homes for nursing mother cats, orphan kittens, and our special needs kitties.

It's that time of the year again and we need your help to care for moms and kittens. We are asking you to open your hearts and homes to care for these cats until they are old enough to be brought into the shelter and be put up for adoption. It is much healthier for the moms and kittens to be fostered in a private home where there's less exposure to other cats. We want to give the babies time to develop strong immune systems.

You Will Need

To take care of these cats, you will need:

  • A warm, dry safe place, away from other cats.
  • Resources to feed them the proper food.
  • Enough time to foster them until they reach 2 pounds. At that time they will go to our veterinary clinic for shots, testing and spaying/neutering. The shelter will pick them up from the clinic. This can be anywhere from 4 - 6 weeks of foster time, depending upon the age of the kittens.
  • Lots of love and time to socialize/play with the kittens. The more attention you can lavish on them, the more socialized they become and the easier it is to find them permanent homes.


  • While cat/kittens are in your care, they are the responsibility of The Pat Brody Shelter
  • Should visitors, friends, etc. be interested in adopting a cat in your care, they MUST go through the adoption procedure outlined on our website.
  • Adoption procedures are followed strictly because we do not want you to be pressured in any way to adopt kittens before they are ready to be separated from each other or their mother.
  • Once the final veterinarian work is done, approved parties will come to the shelter to adopt and pick up their cat/kitten(s) at that time.


If you are "a cat lover", this is your chance to make a difference between life or death for these kittens. During kitten season, many rescue groups call on us for help!

To foster a cat or kitten, you need to fill out our adoption application and specify in the comments section that you'd like to foster instead of adopt.

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