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We thought it would be nice to share some of our success stories with you.  If you have adopted a cat from us and would like us to tell your story, please send us an email or give us a call at 978-582-6116.

Mac and Ithuna


Just got your newsletter, and that reminded me that I wanted to send pictures of Mac and Winnie, who are now Mac and Ithuna (Swedish goddess who guards magical apples).

Mac is the sweetest cat I have ever had, but he’s incredibly emotionally needy.  He NEEDS cuddling every day, for hours.  We love it!  Ithuna is funny.  She loves water, and will even get in the bathtub with my son and husband.  She sleeps in the bathroom sink  a good chunk of the time, even though there are FOUR cat beds in this house, plus beds, sofa and two

comfy chairs!

They are the most wonderful cats, and we totally adore them.

We also have a Siamese 2 year old, Natasha (adopted a week after the kittens!) who either grooms them or smacks them in the head, depending on her mood.

Be well,

Pal (formerly Maxiumus)

I drove down from Vermont to the Pat Brody Shelter to meet Pal, and there he was, his poker face looking at me from the opening of a little cat igloo

To my surprise, when he walked out, I saw he had a beautifully groomed “lion cut”, with all his fur shaved except for his head, tail and feet.  It was really cute.  He allowed me to pick him up and hold him. I felt a bond immediately.  While he was in my arms, there was a big bang in the room, which scared him.  But I held him firmly and he relaxed!  I felt he trusted me.  That was it!  I took him home.

That first day we kept him in our bedroom and whenever I would go in, I would hear a big purr and he would come out from under the bed.  The purring never stopped that day, and at night he slept with his head

in my hand purring while he was awake and snoring as he drifted off to sleep.  And when he awoke, the snore would become a purr again.

At 15 years old, you may ask, what is the secret of his longevity?

Well, excellent vet care is one. Our vet provides holistic and conventional care.  We feed our cats raw chicken drumsticks and give the old cats a urinary and a cardiac supplement.  I sprinkle their food with nutritional yeast and my husband, Bill, plays with them and takes Pal for a walk everyday up the driveway or around the yard.

Pal is King in our family. Our four other cats (all female) respect his dominating stare.  He sleeps with us at night and curls up with Bill on his la-z-boy while we watch T.V.

Thanks for listening to our stories.  And I must tell you, we love your web site!  It is so much fun to visit.

Barre, Vermont

Tyrone and Cheeto

Hope all is well and you have been able to find good homes for some of your cats/kittens.  We just wanted to let you know that Tyrone is doing great (we also call him Little T).  The paperwork you  gave us indicated he weighed 3 3/4 pounds and now he weighs 4 pounds 5 ounces. He’s eating  and drinking very well and has lots of kitten energy!   

Attached are a couple of cute pictures of the little guy and also a picture of Cheeto who we adopted from you on October 15, 2005. He was a year and a couple of months old when we got him. He is a sweet and lovable cat and we love him dearly also. (he loves to sit on the couch).

Maritza & Michael F


Hi, Priscilla! Just a note to tell you that Simon is doing great! He is the BEST cat! After he left the shelter, and I took him to my vet (who said he was the most beautiful specimen of a Siamese he’d ever seen!)

He has even gotten my other cat (a generic, non-Siamese) to play, which is amazing, since she is a grump, in general, and has had a habit of snubbing her nose at every other cat I’ve had since I’ve had her! Unfortunately, over the Christmas holiday, I lost my other Siamese

(“Skye”–blue eyes, Old English spelling) to Renal Failure (sudden onset, no warning signs, which I know to watch for and recognize!) while I was away for a couple of days, and apparently the cat-sitter, who was new to me, but recommended by a friend, failed to “eyeball” each cat each time she came over (twice a day).

I got home and Skye didn’t come running to greet me, as usual, and after a frantic hunt, I found him under my bed, FREEZING cold, and barely breathing. I rushed him to the vet who tried for two days to save him (thinking there was still hope, as is sometimes the case!), but ultimately couldn’t save him.

I hope to get another Siamese at some point, so keep me posted!

P.S.- Simon is the first cat I’ve ever known who willingly opens his mouth to take a pill! What a GEM! 

Amelia, Scarlett, Bruiser, Tara

I started out fostering these little feral babies when they were hissing, hiding 1 1/2 pound cuties with the plan being to adopt 1 or 2. We kept them in a kitty playpen in the beginning since we’d never have found them if we had let them free in the house. Through frequent holding and play, we were able to allow more and more freedom. Although in the beginning we had to ‘fish’ them out with jingly kitty toys.

Now I call out “Where are my babies?” and they most always come running. Often Amelia (striped kitty), the intrepid explorer comes

first, followed by Scarlett (smallest black kitten in the foreground). They both purr around my legs and when I lift Scarlett she raises her head up. Sooo sweet! Bruiser, the only male of the bunch, in the middle back row on his back, is a feisty playful little guy and a full 2 pounds heavier than the ladies. When he wants our attention he’ll lay on his sisters if they are in his way. He’s a playful little fellow. When my husbands working on his laptop Bruiser jumps in the crook of his arm and tumbles around and won’t stop until he’s has Nick’s full attention! Often they follow us from room to room.  Tara is the black kitten in the back row on the left. Always the most fearful, he has slowly been warming up to us and will run over to us and often allow us to pet her. Sometimes she remembers she should be afraid and will move away. But always, when she’s sleeping, she’s a purring cuddly ham. In this photo these babies aren’t just sleeping together but they’re laying between my legs.  Tara has her head on my calf! Adopt 1 or 2?  They all found a special place in our heart and we couldn’t give any of them up. I’m in heaven!

They are a group of purrrr joy! These little once feral babies are more friendly than our resident queen cat Bessie!  I look forward and hope to see the day where Bessie is also cuddling with them!

My thanks to the Pat Brody Shelter for Cats and all the volunteers for looking out for these precious babies!

Lisa Nevin


Marble (formerly Wushu)

Hi Pat Brody Shelter,

Just wanted to thank you again for doing all you do! We’re attaching a couple of photos of Miss Marble (formerly Wushu). We got Marble from the Pat Brody Shelter in March 2005. She loves to play with her best friend Lula, to chase her feather toys, and to relax on one of her many beds throughout the house. We feel so lucky to have Miss Marble in our lives.

We’re sending a check for $30 to support the great work you do. Thank you!

Ken & Emily C

Chloe (formerly Hannah Montana)

I just wanted to share with you a few pictures of Chloe (formerly Hannah Montana), whose adjusting beautifully to our family and home since bringing her home at the beginning of the month.  She is SUCH a sweetheart and enjoys all the delights of being loved by us humans. 

She follows us around constantly, having to be in the same room with us which we love.  She loves to cuddle and has the cutest little meow and sounds. 

The vet said she has gingivitis, compounded of course by her teething, so her breath is pretty bad, but we’ll get it cleared up I’m sure.  We all just love her, and as you can see by the pictures, she appears quite happy with us.   

Thank you again for all that you do.  Enjoy the pictures!

The Gerrits Family


Dear Friends and Priscilla:

We just celebrated our 6th year anniversary with Basha whom we adopted from you in Feb 02.  She is still the sweet gentle kitty and still purrs up a storm.   What a nice kitty. Want to wish you continued success with all the good work you do for kitties.

Good luck and best wishes !
Rose Marie K  

A friend of ours with a super camera took these close ups of Basha…  He was so close to

her and these are how they turned out..

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