Success Stories

We thought it would be nice to share some of our success stories with you.  If you have adopted a cat from us and would like us to tell your story, please send us an email or give us a call at 978-582-6116.


We wanted to give you an update on Ian, our tiger striped cat. We adopted Ian in February of 2008. Ian is now around 21 months old and he has fit right into our home. Ian loves to play with his toy mice, crabs, and balls- basically anything that doesn’t make a lot of noise. He loves to carry things around in his mouth. He is extremely laid back and likes to hang out in the bathroom sink, on the couch, and loves to come to bed and sleep with us! He follows us around everywhere and loves to be pat, especially on his face! He

doesn’t meow, but he does make a meow like noise when he wants attention!! He is absolutely adorable and we couldn’t imagine our life without him now.

He had some runny eye issues and was at the doctor quite a bit at the beginning, but his eye is a lot better now and doesn’t bother him at all! The doctor heard a heart murmur at the last vet visit, but the ultrasound showed that Ian’s heart is pumping along just fine! We have another cat, Kiki, and from the minute Ian walked in the door to his new home he just wanted to hang out with her. It took a while for them to become “friends” and Kiki probably sometimes wishes to be left alone, but they do love playing and wrestling with each other and they get lots of exercise chasing around the apartment after each other! We attached some pictures for you to see. Thank you for giving so many cats the opportunity to fine homes!

~Chastity and John


Hi Priscilla,

I received your check – thanks very much for helping to fix Tubb/ Nanook’s teeth.

With the removal of his teeth, he’s now a much changed kitty – he’s gone from a somewhat sad and depressed fellow to a feisty, playful and happy one. I’ve attached few pictures – in one you can see his now nearly completely toothless gums! 🙂

Thanks again – you can definitely count us among your success stories!

Gato (previously Dawn #5)

Back in November we came to the shelter to adopt a cat/kitten. We took home Dawn #5 who we named Gato (Spanish for cat). He quickly became a member of the household and coined many nicknames, such as: Loco, Slinky, and Fuzzy. He often acts like a dog and fetches his ball. He is very very lovable and social and can not stand to be without his people. We recently found out from our vet that he is part Bengal and that explains his exotic looks. We can not imagine our household without him now and we are so glad he is a member of the family. Here are some pictures of him. I recently received the newsletter and found out about the Shaws program and will be participating. Thanks so much for providing us with a wonderful pet.

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