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  • – a new web site that helps people find new companions nationally
  • Alley Cat Allies:Promoting compassion and humane care for America’s feral cat population
  • Baypath Humane Society: Hopkinton, MA.  Place both cats and dogs
  • Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the nation’s largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned cats and dogs and other animals. They come here all over the country and there are never fewer than 1,500 here on any given day and Best Friends Animal Network, a nationwide network of people who are helping animals in their own communities.
  • Cat Fanciers Association:
  • Cat Fanciers Federations (CFF)
  • Cats International – formerly the Wisconsin Cat Club, Cats International offers advice for all of your feline behavior problems and questions absolutely free!
  • Gambi Cats: a cat charity based in the UK that operates in The Gambia.
  • Green Mountain Animal Defenders creates “Declaration of Companion Animal Care”
  • Hugs for Homeless Animals: Contains a worldwide shelter directory
  • Kitty Angels: MA and New Hampshire
  • Project Happy Birthday!  Celebrate the birthday of your buddy by sharing your joy with others. 
  • Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society – MRFRS was founded in 1992 in response to growth in the feral or homeless cat population along the Merrimack River in Newburyport. In our service area towns (Salisbury, Newburyport, Amesbury, Newbury, Byfield, West Newbury, MA and Seabrook, NH) we operate in a largely “kitten-free” zone and therefore we assist other communities in need of assistance with placing kittens. We are an open-admission, no-kill facility for our service area towns for kittens and adult cats.
  • Milford Humane Society: a non-profit, all volunteer organization in Milford, MA. They’re in the process of building a brand new facility.
  • Nuts for Mutts – small dog rescue organization in Rochester, NY
  • PALS – People for Animals League: (no web site) non-profit dedicated to helping animals in local communities, located in Charlton, MA.  Contact: Sandy Graeff, 32A.  Young Rd, Charlton 01507.   Tel: 508-248-7342
  • PAWS: Pet Animal Welfare Society of Norwalk, CT
  • Pet Finder: a nationwide organization working for the promotion of animal welfare.  The website includes listings of animals available for adoption at shelters.  We have received many inquiries since listing with them. 
  • Save A Dog: an all-breed, all volunteer dog rescue group devoted to helping adoptable, friendly, dogs find permanent homes in the New England area.   They help with feral cats and practice TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release).
  • The MSPCA: Mass Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Tuxedo Cat – The Home of the Black and White Cat.  A rescue group located in the U.K, with some great information about cats
  • World Animal Net (WAN): World Animal Net is the world’s largest network of animal protection societies with over 1,500 affiliates in more than 80 countries campaigning to improve the status and welfare of animals.
Alternative Medicine
    • CBD Oil for PetsCat owners everywhere are beginning to open up to the idea that CBD oil may be just the thing their kitty needs. As they discover the benefits of CBD, they wonder how it might help their feline friends…


Health Care

  • Pet Insurance Reviews – Pet insurance can provide coverage for vet bills, behavior therapies and wellness programs. Unfortunately, pet insurance is often difficult to understand, and quality of coverage varies by company. So having a quick and accurate resource that compares different pet insurance companies on your website will provide valuable comparison information to protect their pets.
  • How to Become a Vet Tech Specialist (VTS) – This article examines how to become a VTS, including a discussion of the education and certification requirements of each specialized academy.

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Miscellaneous Sites (including dog-related info)


– Pets are a big responsibility. We immediately think about making sure they are fed, well cared for, and safe from major harm; but what about the hidden dangers that lurk in our homes, cars, parks and other locations?

  • How to Take Care of Kittens
  • Coping with Pet Separation – Learn more about the causes of separation anxiety and how families and the elderly can work to eliminate it.
  • Pet Disaster Preparedness for Renters & Homeowners: A Complete List
  • Pet Safety at Home – Tips to improve pet safety around your home
  • Moving with Pets – Moving Tips To Help Dogs And Cats Adjust To A New House
  • How to write a Pet Resume – The next time you are apartment hunting, don’t forget to bring a resume…for your pet
  • Guide to flying with pets  NEW – Please note that we are not endorsing the credit card company who created this page, but it contains very good information.
  • Traveling with your Pet – Traveling with pets is not uncommon in the trucking industry. Dogs, cats, rabbit, birds, and many other animals make great companions during long hauls. However, there are a number of factors to take into consideration when traveling with your pet to make the trip more enjoyable and hassle-free.
  • Traveling by car or Truck with your Pets – Good advice about traveling by car or truck
  • State by State Guide to Moving with Pets – When you’re busy packing boxes and booking a moving company, reading up on the laws in your new state is probably not anywhere near the top of your to-do list. But when moving with pets, it’s worth taking the time to make sure you aren’t breaking the law.  This web site provides you all the information you need to move to your new state.
  • Cat Biology and Behavior – very interesting site that discusses cats “From the Jungle to Our Homes”
  • Animal Welfare Issues – Guide to Animal Rights
  • Pet-Friendly Housing – MyApartmentMap is a housing search web site, that includes pet friendly listings all over the USA. 
  • Best Friends Pet Care This pet boarding kennel and grooming facility will make being away from your dog, cat or other pet less stressful.  Several MA locations
  • Fabric MavenFind indoor and outdoor fabrics that suit your needs. Trust the experts at Fabric Maven to deliver the quality product you expect.
  • Caring For Creatures Radio Show (requires Real Player, available for free) The program is a nationally syndicated, interactive hour, featuring the animal industry’s finest professionals, discussing, relating and telling stories about our furriest of friends.
  • Cat Be Good: Good Cats Wear Black – A Commonsense Approach to Training Your Cat by Annie Bruce, cat owner consultant
  • ETERNAL TREBLINKA: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust, by Charles Patterson.  The title of the book–dedicated to the memory of the Yiddish writer
    and Nobel Laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer (1904-91)–is from one of his stories: “In relation to them, all people are Nazis; for the animals it is an eternal Treblinka.”


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