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Chantelle – female – 11 years

Hi there, I’m Chantelle! I came from a local home together with 12 other cats. The owner tried to take care of us all but was very much overwhelmed with the situation. I was not socialized and very shy and was therefore kept in a cage at the shelter office. Unfortunately I escaped one night and “disappeared” into the ceiling that was open due to construction. I enjoyed hiding inside the walls and somehow found my way into the kitchen cabinets where I still like to sleep at night up to this day. Finally, after playing hide & seek for weeks, I started trusting the shelter personnel in the office. I’ve been their mascot ever since and entertain them quite a bit. Sometimes I wonder if my name is Chantelle or “that crazy cat”. I’m not available for adoption but it would be greatly appreciated if you could sponsor me to cover my medical needs. Thank you!

 **Chantelle is not available for adoption.**

Tony – male – 6 years

Hi everybody! My name is Tony, and I am a very sweet boy that most likely had nasty earmites for too long. I ended up scratching for such a long time that I ended up with a “cauliflower ear,” which basically means the blood vessels in my ear ruptured, and now my ear has collapsed. The vet has looked at it and suggested that there may be a possible surgery to help getting some more air flow in my ear canal. I am a super sweet boy despite the hard life that I’ve lived, and I hope that you can find it in your heart to help support my medical costs!

**Tony is available for adoption**

Chantelle – female – 11 years

Hi! My name is Whiskers, and I am a senior boy that has lived a bit of a rough life. When I came to the shelter, my fur was very matted, but I’m now rocking the lion cut! I used to be quite grumpy, but now I love when the volunteers give me attention and some scratches on the head. I can get over-stimulated, so I still need my space sometimes. Ever since I was made the shelter mascot, I’ve been given my own special room and roam around in the hallways, so if you ever come visit me, you might see me bounding down the hallway to meet you! I was declawed by my previous owner, and I have to be on a special grain-free diet, or else my stomach gets pretty upset. If you would like to help me and the shelter, please consider being my sponsor!

**Whiskers is available for adoption.**

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