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We want to provide you with a place to remember your beloved companions. Losing a lifelong feline friend is difficult, but knowing that others understand your grief is a great comfort. Be prepared: these are multi-tissue pages.

Grieving the loss of a beloved animal companion is never easy.  The
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has helped many people deal with their grief.

From Brianna and Hemingway Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

Brianna, let’s go see if we have any messages by the Rainbow Bridge from our friends at the Pat Brody Shelter.

Ok Hemingway, that sounds like a great idea.

A short while later – Oh my goodness, will you look at this! We have tons of thoughts and messages from our friends who were sorry to hear of our demise. Here’s one “I can’t believe they’re gone” or this one “Brianna was so good for Hemingway, she gave him confidence that helped him to be more social” and “I miss my hugs from Brianna.” Oh there’s more but it could take us to eternity to read them all. Um Hemingway, we have to eternity to read them all.That’s right Brianna, we do.

Hemingway, do you remember what you were like when you first came to the shelter? I sure do. I was a mess from being out on the streets and I was scared of everything. One of the volunteers found me cowering outside and she let me roam the floors in Room 1 so I could eat in peace. Eventually, I found my way into the kitchen and saw a beautiful, sleek, black kitty that was in desperate need of a buddy. That was you, Brianna, and you really worked your magic on me and I realized that I finally found a friend. Next thing I knew, people were petting me without me being scared and I actually liked it. Then, to my disbelief, I let people pick me up. Do you remember how I used to strut around the kitchen? Well, someone had to be the man of the house or should I say kitchen. Thanks Brianna, see what a good friend can do?

Well Hemingway, my beginnings weren’t that great either. My mom drank some toxic water after Hurricane Katrina passed by and it really affected my health. The other kittens in my litter were fine but it had a bad effect on me. We were rescued and shipped up north to the Brody Shelter which turned out to be a godsend. Everyone was always trying to adopt me because I was just so darn loveable but they were refused because of all the special care I needed. I used to love to hold down the warm bedding fresh out of the dryer. If it was cold outside, then I’d get under the blankets and pop out my little face to amuse everyone. If you gave into my charms and held me then I’d give you one of my special hugs. The volunteers are still talking about the hugs I used to give them. Maybe I can send down one of my memories to a cat at the shelter now so they can give hugs. It’s worth a try. My time on earth was short but I enjoyed it to the fullest. I always had more than my share of love and attention and I never had to want for anything. The best part was having you for a friend, Hemingway, and now we can always be together.

We really did suffer a lot before we passed away and it really broke our friends’ hearts to see us in pain. Yeah Brianna, the FIV took over in me and I remember you had stomatitis and had trouble eating. Fortunately, we are not in pain any more.

So, should we ask our friends one more favor before we sign off? I think that would be ok to do.We know that there are a few shy cats/kittens at the shelter that really, really need your help. Oh, they may not let you pick them up, but don’t be afraid to talk to them gently, lightly touching their paw at first, petting them when you can and giving them a treat when you see them. If everyone does that, who knows, they can end up being friendly like Hemingway was before he passed away.

That wraps it up, let’s play. So long everyone. Meow, Meow. I can beat you over the bridge; no way I’m faster than you . . . neener, neener, neener.
By: Darlene David

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