How to Help Us Financially: Donations, Local Shopping and Online Shopping

PBS is a registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Our Federal ID number is 22-3117579

Here’s a great new way to raise money with a mouse click.  Click on the image at left, make your default search engine and select Pat Brody Shelter for Cats as your
charity.  Every search sends money our way.

Shop with one of our affiliated vendors and help out the shelter at the same time.

Donate directly: If you would like to send us a check, our address is:  P O Box 142, Lunenburg, MA 01462

Donate online!  You can make donations using PayPal’s secure web site:




You choose the amount

Memorial Donation

Once you login to your PayPal Account or get to the PayPal Confirmation page, you can enter the name of the person/companion animal and/or the name and address of the family we should notify.


Running a no-kill shelter requires money to pay for food, medical care, cleaning supplies, litter, towels, beds, toys toys, etc..  We never skimp on providing the care necessary for our feline friends. food dishes

We are dependent upon our volunteers and our supporters to help us every day.  And you do.  Your continued generosity is overwhelming and we want you to know that no gift, however small, goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

The shelter is now set up to accept “gifts of appreciated stock.”  Click to read more.

Other ways you can help us out

    1. Using our shopping links results in us getting a percentage of every purchase you make.  We encourage you to access sites such as Petopia or Petsmart or using our website as your entry point.
    2. Become a kitty sponsor. We have many cats in need of sponsorship.
    3. Remember us in your yearly charitable gift giving.  If your company has a matching gifts program, please use it.
    4. Remember us in your wills.
    5. Gifts of Appreciated Stock allow you to make a larger contribution to the shelter because there are tax savings in giving stock that has increased in value vs. selling the stock, paying taxes, and giving the resulting money.

      Here’s an example:

Buy stock at $2000, stock increases in value to $3000.

  1. If you sell the stock, you owe capital gains tax on $1000, which might be $200 or more. So you have a net of $2800 to give the shelter and can claim a tax deduction for $2800.
  2. If you make a gift of appreciated stock, you owe no capital gains tax, the shelter gets $3000 in stock which it can immediately sell and it pays no tax, and you can claim a tax deduction of $3000.
  3. Anyone interested in doing this should call the shelter for the information you need to give your broker about how to transfer the stock to the shelter.

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