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To begin the adoption process, please click on our on line adoption form, fill out form completely and submit to us. Once we receive your form we will process and contact you for a visit and will email directions. Adoption fees range from $300.00 to $375.00, (exotics may be a little more).  Payment is by check or cash only.

All of our cats are spayed/neutered, FeLV/FIV tested, have been given distemper shots, have been wormed, are flea free (we use Advantage), ears are examined and treated if necessary and if older than 3 months are given rabies shot.

Disclaimer:  We sometimes enter the wrong name or sex for a cat.  With so many kitties, even the volunteers get confused.  But the pictures don't lie.  If you see a kitty you like, please contact us ASAP.

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Mia - Female - 4 years
*Cat of the Month!*
Hey, I'm Mia   OK, I'll admit it. I'm on the large size. It's not my fault though and here are my excuses for it: my kitty treadmill broke, I don't like exercising or I was overfed. I hate to admit it but but I should lose a few pounds, but it has to be slowly. A little more play time and a little less food, but gradually! Other cats don't bother me so maybe if you have an older cat or one around my age, we could chase each other around the house. No offense, but young kids are not ideal for me, but older cat-savvy kids would be fine. Gather up some wand toys and some interactive toys and get me moving (my biggest move is rolling over for belly rubs). I hope to have a new photo soon with my adoptive family showing me as a success story! This place is nice but I really need a home of my own.

Donation: $300.00

Hadara - Female - 8 years
Hello, my name is Hadara, and as my name suggests, I need to be the Queen of my home and family. I am a beautiful tabby girl with white gloves (as an older lady should have!) I love people, but I would prefer to live without other pets in the home, so if that sounds like a match for you, please think about bringing me into a quiet house where I can rule the roost!

Donation: $250.00

Pepper - Female- 8 years (est.)
Hi there, my name is Pepper and I am a local stray who was saved by a nice lady who saw me outside. I am currently at the vet where I am receiving some medical care and a much needed haircut (I am quite matted from being outdoors). I may look grouchy, but really I am sweet and grateful for whatever love I receive! I will be ready for a new home soon so please think about coming to meet me! 

Donation: $ 350.00

Smokey - Male - 2 years
Hello, I'm Smokey, and I'm one of Jimmy's friends from Qatar! My angels there were going to feed me and the other kitties for a while., and I would rush to them just to be petted and be brushed; I wouldn't even eat till they left! Over time I started losing weight, and they noticed some discharge from his mouth.

They got me off the street a few months ago, and I had a severe gum infection and they had to extract a few teeth :(  After medical treatment, I'm doing so much better, though! I do still have a bit of a drooling problem, but it's just from my missing teeth.

I'm told I am so sweet and cuddly; I will be the best match if you're looking for a calm yet affectionate fur-kid! When I was in foster I gained weight; got my fur looking beautiful; I opened up so much; I'm just so affectionate and lovable! And I'm wonderful with other cats; the old foster home had a few kitties (in fact, Sylvie and I shared the same foster home! Check her out too!). I'd love to meet you!

Donation: $350.00

Zayde - Female - 2 years
Hey, I'm Zayde, and I'm a beautiful silver tabby that enjoys a lot of great conversation but prefers to be the only cat in the home. I'm always the first to greet you when you walk in the door and I love having my chin scratched! I'm an independent girl with a touch of sass when petted too much, so brief encounters are best with me. I will let you pick me up occasionally, but prefer all four on the floor, thank you very much. I am a true queen who enjoys high perches so I can safely oversee my kingdom. An ideal home would be without other pets and older children (>12 y.o.). I'd be fine alone all day while you're away, and then share my love with you on my own terms. If you're ready for a kitty without a lot of needs, give me a chance to win you over!

Donation: $300.00

Joshua - Male - 1 year
Hey everybody, I'm Joshua! Like many cats on the streets, my story started out rough. I was caught sneaking food from somebody's outdoor cat's dish - they sure didn't like that! They weren't interested in another mouth to feed, so they contacted the shelter. It's a good thing too - I was all skin and bones! I needed some time to regain muscle and put on a tiny bit of weight. As I packed on the pounds, it became obvious to my rescuers that I was more starved for love than food! I'm a sweet boy from the streets that would rather have pets than treats <3 I'm doing a little better now, but my future family should be ready to shower me with both affection AND food! Would you maybe give me a second chance at the good life?

Donation: $350.00

Mariah - Female - 1 year
Hello there, I'm Mariah! I'm a super-active special needs girl that is just pretty darn unique. I've got this scar tissue in my eyes that's made seeing kind of hard, so it may take me a bit longer to get used to new situations. The people here at the shelter say that they aren't sure how much I can see, but I say that it doesn't matter! I'm the happiest, most playful kitty in this joint! I may need a bit more care for my eyes than your average feline, but my rough-and-tumble attitude will win you over without a doubt! Please consider coming and saying hi - I promise it'll be worth your while!

Donation: $350.00

Lily DC - Female - 4 years
Hi everybody! I'm Lily DC, and I'm a cute brown tabby looking for a new start! While the beginning of my story may not be too glamorous, I'm hoping I can settle down with one of you nice folks and give it another go! I was unfortunately declawed before being brought to the shelter, so my future family should keep that in mind when it comes to my health. Other than that, I'm a super happy, healthy, friendly gal that loves pets (as you can see in my photo!) and attention. Why don't you come on down and say hello?

Donation: $350.00

Amara - Female - 1 year
Howdy folks! I'm Amara, a pretty black panther from down South! I'm a true distinguished lady -  you won't catch me begging for attention like those other cats! I do enjoy being petted, but I'm also content to just sit in the same area as you. If you're looking for a low-maintenance but young lady that just wants your company, look no further!

Donation: $350.00

Baxter - Male - 1 year
The following is from Baxter's previous foster family:
"Baxter is a wonderful cat! We have loved him and enjoyed fostering him in our home. He is a great indoors cat and companion. He adapted well to meeting new people over these few months and was gentle with our grandkids. He handled well at the vet and with new vet techs. Like all cats, he needs introductions to be slow. He seemed to be okay with another cat if given time to meet and adjust. He wasn't so sure about dogs, we think he had been chased by a few outside so he seems concerned.
He always used his litter box, never made a mess or destroyed things, and is a quiet and gentle soul. He loves being petted, and will come to you for attention once he knows you're a safe person to be around! He loves sitting on your lap or next to you on the couch, window-watching, hugs, and kisses! <3
He's very playful: loves chasing his tail, chasing toys, and just playing with you! He prefers having his own sleeping area, maybe even a blanket or box of his very own. Scratching was minimal - he only used a post!
Since he had been abandoned outside and had to fend for himself, we found he could be startled by fast movement or loud noises, and will run and hide for a bit before coming back out to investigate. Please give him some quiet time to adapt to a new place, person, or fellow feline as he needs to feel safe! He would do best in a home without too much noise or activity.
Baxter will make a great new furbaby for a loving home (this was one foster that was hard to let go of!) and he deserves an amazing family. Thank you for giving him a safe new life!"

Donation: $350.00

Catwoman - Female - 3 years
Hey there, citizens of Gotham! Oh, is that not where I am? Phew, no more playing the villain! I was looking to settle down and try relaxing for a while anyway. I'm a sweet, gentle, friendly girl, despite my namesake! Being petted is my absolute favorite activity, and I think I'm really going to like this whole "living inside with a family" thing :)

Donation: $350.00

Cookie - Female - 1 year
Hello everyone! I'm Cookie - a pretty tortie looking for a second chance at a fur-ever home! I found myself without a family after being abandoned and left outside, and thankfully I was rescued before getting too banged up. Even though I have every reason to be distrusting and scared of people, I can't help but love them! One of the volunteers here at the shelter told me that I have a "loud engine" - I think it's because I purr every time I get touched! I enjoy playing, and have silky soft fur. Purr-please come check me out and give me another chance!

Donation: $350.00

Peter - Male - 1 year
Hi!! I'm Peter, and I'm SO excited to meet you! I'm an incredibly friendly, happy, playful guy that thrives off of being near people. I have this tiny, squeaky meow to get your attention, but let's be real - I'm so handsome, you're looking at me anyway! I love to roll around and play with toys, my bed, your fingers, really whatever I can reach. I'm very gentle though, no aggression here! I would make a fantastic addition to any home :)

Donation: $350.00

Marissa - Female - 3 years
Hey there, I'm Marissa - an orange female, I know! I'm very very friendly, and am obsessed with people :) Some cats may be "too cool" to vocalize their opinions, but I think yelling at the humans to come pet me is most effective! Once you start, you're never going to want to stop, I'm just too cute!!!

Donation: $350.00

Gravy - Female - 1 year
Hello everyone! I'm Gravy, and I just got back to the shelter after being in foster with my kittens! Now that my kittens are grown up and have flown the nest, I think it's my turn to relax and get some love, don't you? I'm pretty young myself, and I want to be babied a bit! I love being petted and played with, and I've been described as "vocal" in the past. Please come say hi, and check out my kittens over on the Kitten page! I'm pretty proud of them :)

Donation: $350.00
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