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To begin the adoption process, please click on our on line adoption form, fill out form completely and submit to us. Once we receive your form we will process and contact you for a visit and will email directions. 

All of our cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped, FeLV/FIV tested, have been given distemper shots, have been wormed, are flea free (we use Advantage), ears are examined and treated if necessary and if older than 3 months are given rabies shot.
*Donation prices for our cats range from $175.00 - $350.00 depending on the age, health, breed and disposition of the cat.*

Disclaimer:  We sometimes enter the wrong name or sex for a cat.  With so many kitties, even the volunteers get confused.  But the pictures don't lie.  If you see a kitty you like, please contact us ASAP.

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Betty - female - 5 years
Hello! My name is Betty, and I just arrived to the shelter. I am a super sweet and cuddly girl that would love to curl up next to you. Once you come near me, I will chirp and meow until you pet me! If you come down close to me, I will lovingly headbutt your face and beg for more attention. I have a gorgeous pelt that the volunteers always compliment me on, and as you can see, I also have an adorable face and gorgeous eyes, so I already know that I will steal your heart when you come and visit me at the shelter!

Donation Fee: $200.00

Jinx - female - 4 years
Maine Coon Mix
Hi friends! My name is Jinx and I am looking for a loving forever home to call my own.  I am a sweet girl that loves to curl up and nap in my big, fluffy bed. I do best with women but I have gotten along well with some of the male volunteers at the shelter. I need to be an only cat as I am looking to be the queen of my castle. If you are interested in meeting me please fill out the online adoption form. I can't wait to visit with you!

Donation Fee: $250.00

Whiskers - male - 10 years

Hi! Youíre probably wondering how a 10-year-old cat ends up at a shelter. Unfortunately, my owner passed away and no one in the family wanted to take me. When I arrived, my body was fully matted and it was really painful, so I got a ďLion CutĒ and I feel much better now. Donít feel sorry for me and try to make me wear a sweater because I am much more comfortable now. (And between you and me, I hate sweaters!) I may be considered a ďSenior Cat,Ē but Iím very independent and a little feisty. The nice people at the shelter made me their mascot, so now I have my own room and get to roam around in the hallway, so expect to see me trot down the hall when you come and visit! I can be a little grumpy, but everybody always says that's why they love me. Iíll get along with older cats after a couple days, but please donít place me with very young kittens, and the same goes for very young kids. I need a home with adults or older, cat savvy kids that know when I want attention and when I donít. After being at the shelter for only a little bit, I'm already much happier and I really enjoy interacting with the volunteers and following them on their heels, begging for treats and attention. I hope you can find it in your heart to give me a furr-ever home!

Donation Fee: $200.00

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