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To begin the adoption process, please click on our on line adoption form, fill out form completely and submit to us. Once we receive your form we will process and contact you for a visit and will email directions.

All of our kittens are spayed/neutered, FeLV/FIV tested, have been given distemper shots, have been wormed, are flea free (we use Advantage), ears are examined and treated if necessary and if older than 3 months are given rabies shot.
*Donation prices for our cats range from $175.00 - $350.00 depending on the age, health, breed and disposition of the cat.*

Disclaimer:  We sometimes enter the wrong name or sex for a cat.  With so many kitties, even the volunteers get confused.  But the pictures don't lie.  If you see a kitty you like, please contact us ASAP.

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Karen - female - 2 years
Kits - 7 weeks

Hi everybody! I'm Karen, and these are my three kittens: Kelly, Kenny, and Sam. We are not available for adoption, but we are in need of a foster home!

Before applying, please head to the "Foster Homes Needed" tab on the left and ensure that you are applicable to foster. After reading, please fill out an adoption form and write under the "comments" section of the application that you are specifically interested in fostering. Thank you!

Noodles (top) - male - 13 weeks
Nutter Butter (bottom) - male - 13 weeks
Hi! Our names are Noodles and Nutter Butter, and we are two bonded kitties that are looking for a furr-ever home together! We are constantly at each others' sides, so we need to be adopted together. We love to expend our kitten energy together with toys and exploring, but we definitely need our naptime, where we snuggle up together and purr away. We are so excited to finally find a furr-ever home together, and we really hope that it's with you!


Donation Fee: $275.00 each

Katie -female- 7 weeks
Hi! My name is Katie, and I am one of Sharon's kittens. I would really like to find a furr-ever home with one of my other siblings (Sheldon, Sadie, or Shelley). I am very outgoing and always come up to say hi to the volunteers. I also love climbing the cat trees and spending time sleeping with my sisters and brothers. I hope you consider adopting me!

Donation Fee: $300.00

Sheldon -male- 7 weeks
Hi Everyone! My name is Sheldon. I am one of Sharon's kittens, and the only boy in the litter! I spend a lot of my time playing with my sisters. I also love to perch by the window and take long cat naps. I need to be adopted with one of my siblings (Katie, Shelley, or Sadie). I cannot wait to find my furr-ever home, and I hope that it is with you!

Donation Fee: $300.00

Shelley -female- 7 weeks
Hi, my name is Shelley! I am one of Sharon's kittens and have 3 other siblings (Sadie, Sheldon, Katie). I need to be adopted with one of my other siblings! I like to spend time cat napping on the fuzzy cat tree. I also love to climb it with my sister, Katie! I am a very sweet girl who cannot wait to find her furr-ever home.

Donation Fee: $300.00

Sadie- female- 7 weeks
Hi! I am Sadie! I am a gorgeous tabby who is also one of Sharon's kittens. I must find a home with one of my siblings (Sheldon, Shelley, or Katie). I am a very sweet girl and always let the volunteers pet me! I also love to take cat naps on the cat tree. I hope you consider adopting me!

Donation Fee: $300.00

Flower- female- 12 weeks
Toby -male- 12 weeks
Hi Everyone! We are Toby and Flower, and would like to be adopted together. Both of us are very sweet kitties looking for our furr-ever home. Unfortunately, we both have FeLV. Because of this, we CANNOT go to a home with other kitties. A home with a dog is okay because it cannot be transmitted from a cat to a dog. Because we are FeLV positive, we may live shorter lives, but right now we are young, active, and very playful. We would love to find a furr-ever home to call our own.

Donation Fee: $200.00 each

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