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Dakota- female - 3 years

Hello, my name is Dakota. I arrived at the shelter after being rescued from life on the streets as a feral kitten. I am truly a feral cat as I do not trust people and prefer not to be petted or picked up, but I am by no means an aggressive kitty! I typically get along with other kitties very well. The best fit for me would be a big old farmhouse where I could chase mice and other critters as your indoor exterminator. I am sweet to the core but am misunderstood as I prefer to just be left on my own. If you're looking for a pal for your kitty, someone to keep the mice away, or just to save the life of a kitty looking for a second chance, then I'm your girl.


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Chantelle - female - 11 years

Hi there, I'm Chantelle! I came from a local home together with 12 other cats.  The owner tried to take care of us all but was very much overwhelmed with the situation.  I was not socialized and very shy and was therefore kept in a cage at the shelter office.  Unfortunately I escaped one night and "disappeared" into the ceiling that was open due to construction. I enjoyed hiding inside the walls and somehow found my way into the kitchen cabinets where I still like to sleep at night up to this day.  Finally, after playing hide & seek for weeks, I started trusting the shelter personnel in the office.  I've been their mascot ever since and entertain them quite a bit.  Sometimes I wonder if my name is Chantelle or "that crazy cat".  I'm not available for adoption but it would be greatly appreciated if you could sponsor me to cover my medical needs.  Thank you!

 **Chantelle is not available for adoption.**

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Poppy - female - 3 years

Hi there, I am Poppy. I came to the shelter as a young feral cat and was soon adopted into a great situation where some of my feline friends and I had free range of a heated barn. We spent our days napping together and catching critters. Unfortunately though, after some time, my owners began to notice that I was having some dental issues, so here I am back at the shelter. My dental issues were solved with a full mouth extraction, and I'm now very comfortable - my mouth no longer hurts me, and I can still eat wet and dry food normally! Sadly though, I cannot go back to the home that I was in. I am pretty feral so I prefer not to be picked up and held, but I am not an aggressive kitty. I have let a couple of the volunteers hand feed me treats and pet my head! I'm happiest though when I'm left to just hang out with my kitty pals. I'm hoping someone will find it in their heart to take in a sweet kitty who just wants to live out the rest of her years in a nice warm environment with some furry friends.
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